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Electronically Yours Vol 1

“This is a music autobiography to remember. This is the story of Martyn Ware.”

Electronically Yours is the story of Martyn Ware. In first autobiography, Martyn takes the reader through his incredible route to stardom.

But it’s not just his life inside the industry which is compelling; a proud socialist, Martyn writes poignantly about politics – how it can be a soulful, personal, moral duty – and its role in his music creation and Britain today.

With charming meditations on culture, humour, travel and sport, Martyn also shares his love of 60s films, explains why Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, and reveals how Sheffield Wednesday has forever been his first and eternal passion.

A huge page-turner and always warmly told, Electronically Yours sees Martyn talk candidly for the very first time about his extraordinary journey. Discover amusing anecdotes, raw confessions, and moving reflections of a life well and truly lived at the height of the music industry.

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